Here are some of Paul’s appearances in articles, podcasts, and videos.

Mar 2018
How Would Your Business Change If You Added A Drive-Thru?
Vending Times

Out-of-stocks: Is this a problem? Or is this an opportunity?
Vending Times

You’ve Got To Taste The Coffee
Vending Times

Take A Lesson From The Beer Business
Vending Times

Feb 2018
Your Best And Worst Locations: Do You Know The Difference?
Vending Times

Vended Barista-Quality Coffee: Really? Yes, Really!
Vending Times

A New Place For Coffee
Vending Times

Sept 2017
Has automated retailing’s time finally arrived in the US?
​Kiosk Marketplace

Update on the automated store business [pdf]
Self published

Apr 2017
Food trucks are now the ‘premiumization’ of foodservice – are you on board?

Mar 2017
Sell More Stuff: Visit The Cupcake ATM

Feb 2017
Sell More Stuff: Food Should Be Fun No. 2

Jan 2017
Sell More Stuff: Think Big

Dec 2016
Sell More Stuff: Learn Something New, Show Some Passion And Have A Sense Of Humor

Nov 2016
Sell More Stuff: Culinary Magic

Oct 2016
Sell More Stuff: Food Should Be Fun

Sept 2016
Sell More Stuff: Up Your Fall Menu

August 2016
Sell More Stuff: The New American Diet

Sell More Stuff: Go Create A Holiday

July 2016
Sell More Stuff: Get Out Of Your Office – Part 3

Sell More Stuff: Get Out Of Your Office – Part 2

June 2016
Sell More Stuff: Get Out Of Your Office

May 2016
Sell More Stuff: Take A Lesson From The Rolling Stones

April 2016
Sell More Stuff: Breakfast All Day, Everyday

Sell More Stuff: Free Food Can Be Good For Your Business

February 2016
Sell More Stuff: It’s Coffee Break Time

Sell More Stuff: It’s Tradition Versus Change

January 2016
New Products: Taco Bell To Make Big Announcement During The Super Bowl

December 2015
3 Questions To Wrap Up The Year (quoted)

November 2015
The Best Donuts In America

Customers will drive changes in 2016 (quoted, pdf)
Automatic Merchandiser

May 2015
Smaller Sizes: Have You Met The “Mini Frappuccino”?

April 2015
Are you ready for the future? (pdf)

Doing “good” as a business strategy
Quoted in article

March 2015
Guest Blog: Pay By Phone? What Are You Waiting For?

February 2015
A Food Menu Lesson For Our Industry At McDonald’s

December 2014
Schlossberg selected by Automatic Merchandiser and as one of the 2014 Pros-To-Know
Automatic Merchandiser and

November 2014
Food – do you love it, hate it or simply have to offer it?

Your Menu Is Missing Food With Personality

October 2014
Is this the end of the cash register?

June 2014
Some Food Industry Trends You Might Have Missed In 2014

February 2014
Join The Smartphone Revolution

January 2014
What can you learn from the Customer Engagement Show?

An Industry In Trouble? If We’re Not On Board With Customer Engagement, We Might Be (podcast)

What are your 2014 resolutions? Think about the shoppers you serve!

October 2013
New Products: How Do You Identify The Winners?

Espresso coffee, pizzas, iPads! Coming soon to a vending machine near you (video)

May 2013
Just What We Need – More Competition!

April 2013
Food Is Our Future

March 2013
Plan-O-Grams And Seasonal Products Are A Must

VendingMarketWatch News – Episode 3 (video)

February 2013
Convenience Stores Do Better At Competing For Afternoon Snacks

February 2013
Five key growth trends in 2013
Automatic Merchandiser
Quoted in article

October 2012
Dunkin Donuts Adding Locations Means Trouble For Vending

January 2012
Consultant Paul Schlossberg Examines Chocolate Trends As They Relate To Vending (podcast)

How Coca Cola Interactive Vending Machine Changes Consumer Experience; Consultant Paul Schlossberg Reports From Consumer Engagement Technology Expo (podcast)

Aramark Officials Explain How Customer Tracking System Can Enhance Foodservice At Consumer Engagement Technology World In New York City (podcast)

Vending Technology Watch Podcast: New Consumer Engagement Technologies Presented At Trade Show In New York City Will Change Retail As We Know It (podcast)

September 2011
Time to move beyond clean, filled and working
Automatic Merchandiser

November 2010
Innovators Showcase New Vending Concepts (pdf)
Automatic Merchandiser

January 2010
Recession Can’t Stop Change (pdf)
Automatic Merchandiser

December 2009
Convenience Stores Use Vending to Build the Ticket (pdf)
Automatic Merchandiser

September 2009
Schlossberg details recession busting strategies (pdf)
Vending Times

June 18, 2009
What does Amazon’s Retail Expansion Mean For Vending Operators? (pdf)
Vending Times

January 2009
Europeans Take Sensory Appeal to a New Level (pdf)
Automatic Merchandiser

January 2008
Self Service Expo Ushers in a Brave New Retail World (pdf)
Automatic Merchandiser

December 2007
EthnoVend Study Offers Closeup of Consumer at Machine (pdf)
Vending Times

September 2007
Convenience Stores Target Changing Consumer Needs (pdf)
Automatic Merchandiser

April 2007
Ethnography Offers a Better Way to Know Our Customers Better (pdf)
Co-authored by Paul Schlossberg and Hy Mariampolski, QualiData Research Inc.
Automatic Merchandiser

Retailers Want Your Business: How To Fight Them
Automatic Merchandiser

March 2007
Ideas and challenges for the next convenience evolution (pdf)
NACS Magazine (National Association of Convenience Stores)
Quoted in article

September 2004
Vending Convenience (pdf)
NACS Magazine (National Association of Convenience Stores)
Quoted in article

August 2004
Vendorama (pdf)
Progressive Grocer

December 2003
It’s not your usual automat (pdf)
Chicago Tribune
Quoted in article

January 15, 2002
Reader’s Choice, American Airlines, American Way magazine (pdf)
American Airlines, American Way magazine

September 2001
Powerful POP Opportunity
Vend Inform (UK)

May 2001
Vending – A Powerful POP Opportunity (pdf)
Point of Purchase

November 2000
To Capture Lost Sales… (pdf)
Automatic Merchandiser

July 2000
Learning the difference between variety & selection (pdf)
IGA GrocerGram
The merchandising of meal solutions in supermarkets and other retail outlets point out important lessons in impulse selling strategies and tactics. These principles apply in every category of immediate consumption including food, hot and cold beverages and snacks.

May 2000
West NAMA Expo Report (pdf)
Automatic Merchandiser

April 2000
What we can learn from Europe: How AVEX compares to NAMA (pdf)
Automatic Merchandiser

November 1999
It’s dad’s business no more; the best ideas are probably ‘outside the box’
Automatic Merchandiser

Sept/Oct 1999
In Europe, Different Often Means Better — Parts One and Two (pdf)

January 1999
The Foodservice Phenomenon – in Snacking (pdf)
Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery

September 1997
How vending turns off consumers; what can be done (pdf)
Automatic Merchandiser

1st Quarter 1997
Purchasing — We could buy smarter — A lot smarter (pdf)
Independent Vendors Association Quarterly

2nd Quarter 1996
Merchandising To Your Customer Base (pdf)
Independent Vendors Association Quarterly

Sept/Oct 1996
Vending: It’s more than just a few coins in the slot (pdf)

March 1996
How To Survive Foodservice Darwinism (pdf)
Automatic Merchandiser

September 1995
How To Customize Merchandising For Every Location (pdf)
Automatic Merchandiser

April 1996
For Lessons on Merchandising, Let’s Go Shopping (pdf)
Automatic Merchandiser

April 1995
Can Vending Win the Race Against the Competition? (pdf)
Automatic Merchandiser

Sell The Way They Buy (pdf)
Convenience Retailing

Brands In Foodservice Interviewed and quoted on consumer brand development for restaurant chains.
Chain Leader Quoted on new developments in vending equipment for frozen food.
The $100,000 Club and How To Act Like A CEO Quoted in two books by D.A. Benton on business management and career development.
Automatic Merchandiser Written numerous articles on merchandising, consumer challenges, etc.
Confectioner Article on opportunities for candy manufacturers.
Brandweek Quoted on new developments and opportunities for branded product manufacturers in vending.
Food for Thought, The Thomas Food Industry Register Newsletter For the premier issue: Interviewed and quoted on how smaller companies can capitalize on co-branding in their market development initiatives.
POP Magazine New merchandising opportunities for CPG brands.
Vending Market Watch Website Contributing editor with continuing commentary on merchandising, marketing, new products, and consumer trends and developments.